Although Cosmic Sparkle is in high demand please Contact Us because, if she can help out with your entertainment planning, she will make every effort to accommodate you.

Check the days we are in your area HERE

Check our availability HERE

There are several ways to book her and she always responds promptly to email & telephone enquiries.

1. You can telephone her on 01962 868999 or 07970 891321

2. or use the Contact Us page on our online booking system

3. or use the "Book Now" button on our online booking system Timely

4. You can also book her from our Facebook page

You can view our charges for 2019 HERE

Whichever way you book her you will get a confirmation email and also a reminder 3 days before the event. If we have your mobile number these can also be sent as text messages via SMS.

If your care home venue is listed on Carehome UK then we will update the News & Events (Entertainer Performances) tab on your Carehome UK page so visitors will know. (As far as we can tell we are the only entertainers in the UK to regularly do this)

We bring an invoice to the event (or we can email it to your finance department if requested) and payment can be by cash or cheque on the day or by BACS (online transfer) within 14 days. (Extended credit terms are by mutual agreement)