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We only have 36 early/mid afternoons left for 2019
Have you considered mornings, late afternoons or early evenings?

Cosmic Sparkle consists of me, (Robyn) a professional vocalist and my husband, (Mike) who is my sound man. Together we bring a show to our audiences of top quality sound, a huge variety of songs and a whole lot of enjoyment.

Although I specialise in care home entertainment I'm also available for Charity Events, Festivals & Private Functions and I am really proud of all my Reviews

Our aim is to connect with our audience through igniting music memories, singing along, dancing or just enjoying the rhythm and movement.

I have a vast range of over 900 songs from Vintage, Country & Western, Swing, Jazz, Shows, Rock & Roll, piano singalongs and much more. 

My show is all about embracing the diversity of our audience, venue staff and visitors so that everyone can be involved and feel uplifted.

I wear a different dress for each performance with lots of petticoats and a sprinkling of glamour. This visual extravaganza encourages conversations and shared experiences with our audience.

I will always sparkle and never be dull!

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